Spring Obsessions: Color Blocking Essentials

This season, opening your closet should be like opening a bag of Skittles. Color, color and more color. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy the entire pantone catalogue. With just a few key pieces, each in a different color, you can pull it off and say, “Jil Sander and Gucci, you’ve got nothing on me!”

In ordet to put together your vibrant look you need to always go for clean pieces, simple ones. Avoid embellishments and textures, just go for plain and solid silhouettes (this will make layering easier). Don’t be afraid to experiment, don’t hold back. If you have the look in your head, try it on. You will be surprised on how the least expected combinations aways seem to work effortlessly. Don’t overthink it, just have fun with it!

  • The dress: You can find them everywhere right now and the best part of it: they cost nada! Skin-tight, jersey dresses can be found in almost every color and style. Sleeveless, short-sleeved, even strapless, search for them in H&M or Zara. They don’t cost more than $20. Do pay attention to the length, cheeks (we are talking butt) are not to be displayed in public, EVER! That is an unforgivable wardrobe malfunction.
  • The top: Silk loose tanks are the  way to go. I’ve seen them in Zara, but they are everywhere. You can also find them in other materials, but I personally think that silk has a beautiful and natural fall. Wether you let it hanging out with a pair of jeans or tucked inside a highwaisted skirt, it is a must-have for this kind of look (and also a very handy garment to have in your closet).
  • The bra: Bright intimates are so appealing. The vibrant hues combined with our skin tone are just beautiful. And sometimes (if the outfit, occasion and attributes permit it) you can let it out for the world to see. With a button down or a sheer tanktop, a bright bra can upgrade your ensemble.
  • The skirt: Bodycon, chiffon, A-line, you are going to see these colored skirts in almost every store. I personally prefer to go for a structured skirt with volume. I just bought one just like the one in the drawing from Zara. The fit is beautiful, the length is perfect. I can’t wait to get some sun on my ghostly legs to flaunt them with the skirt ans some killer heels.
  • The pants: CROPPED, that’s the word of the season when it comes to pants. Pastel, denim, acid-washed, cargo, chinos, all of them cropped. My advice here is to go to Zara, they have a great selection of them, lots of colors, mid-rise, high-rise, low-rise. You are going to find there the style that best suits your body.
  • The belt: Braided belts are so in right now. I am in love with Zara’s. They have them in lots of colors (I already own camel, pink and blue and I am planning to go get the green one) and they cost 10 dollars each. Great for casual outfits and can also be adapted to a more formal look.
  • The bag: Clutches, I think there is no type of bag that goes better with color-blocking. I chose this one from Marc Jacobs, who also has them in many other styles and hues. But you can find them anywhere, in different price ranges. Think of it as an investment, I know I said before in another post to invest in classics, but a bright bag is a must-have in your closet.

If you want to pair the outfit with colored shoes, you can do it or you can also tone it down with neutrals. But shoes and outfit ensemble are part of two other posts coming up on Sw&Rw Me.

Ready to take out your inner Rainbow Brite for a stroll? I know I am!


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  1. ana

    me faltan todas las prendas fuck. tomare el consejo nooow

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