In case you haven’t already guessed it (if not by my feeble attempt of channeling Ms. Holloway, you sure read the title), it’s now turn for TV’s favorite sexy siren. If the red hair wasn’t enough, you got the hour-glass figure, the subtle smile, the half open eyes, the breasts (they could be deserving of a post of their own, she even hangs a pen in between). Damn you, Christina Hendricks, you make sexy for us a tough thing to pull off! It’s not a matter of size, it’s not a matter of curves, it’s not a matter of boobs. She drips sexy, she breathes sexy, oh to hell with it, she is the meaning of sexy.

So if you want to channel our dear Joanie, if you wanna turn heads everywhere (no you don’t need a couple of melons to get it done), put your sexy on and some body hugging clothes and work it.

The “JOAN” look:

We can call this look, “When Joanie met Gucci”. Inspired by the italian brand’s S/S collection and color blocking trend, I chose an eggplant pencil skirt, knee-length. For the top an emerald green sweater with ruffled sleeves. I cinched the ensemble with a gold belt. And for the final touch, aquamarine kitten heels to lighten up the look.

For accessories: keep it simple, keep it vintage. Trio of golden studs to embellish your Holloway updo. I managed to find a replica of the little golden pen Joan wears in every episode, just to play a little dress up. A single golden bangle with green and blue details. You don’t want to overpower the sexiness by adding too much. For the purse, a lady bag is perfect, even better if it comes with a short handle.  And finally, you have to wear colored lipstick. Dolce & Gabbana’s Iconic is perfect for your outfit and also one of the creamiest products out there. If you are a redhead it enhances your locks. If you are not, it gives you that playfulness Joan is so famous for.

  • Purple ribbed pencil skirt, ASOS, $32.50
  • Rosette sweater in emerald, Forever21, $12.99
  • Oasis skinny gold belt, ASOS, $29.50
  • Aquamarine kitten heels, Polyvore.com, $89.00
  • Trio of earrings, Modcloth.com. $22.99
  • House of Harlow gold bangle, ASOS, $125.00
  • Vintage inspired gold pen with chain, Anazon, $20.00
  • Camel leather handbag, ASOS, $106.00
  • Red lipstick in “Iconic”, Dolce & Gabbana, $36.00

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One response to “DRAPER GIRLS: Joan

  1. ana

    so beautiful, that hair color color suits you incredible muajajajaja

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