While AMC is torturing our souls by pushing back Mad Men’s season 5 until 2012 (a year seems an awful lot without a weekly Don Draper dose, same for the boys who would gladly be up for some Joan Holloway “pillow” smothering), I decided to pay my own homage to the series that for an hour a week has been feeding our dirty, dirty minds. And since Mr. Hamm wasn’t available for a live model sketching session (in a suit, not the birthday one), I had to go walk the fashion road. Mad Men has been an inspiration for the industry for a couple of seasons now. The accessories, the silouhettes, the colors. The characters are so powerful they have almost become iconic. Don Draper has the Christian Troy effect and he has managed to look good even in decadent times, one thing Mr. Troy clearly wasn’t able to pull off (he wasn’t even a six in the end of the series). Christina Hendrick’s Joan has changed the meaning of sexy, I’m not gonna get into the empowering “we love curves” argument. But sexy the Joan way is much more than a bodycon dress and sky high heels. Joan’s sexy is more of an attitude, a way of moving, a way of controlling. And there’s Betty. Betty Draper can be as annoying as you want, but fashionwise she is iconic. The suburban barbie wife style is one January Jones has mastered and we love her for it. The femenine dresses, the flowers and pearls, even the casual outfits involving pants are lust worthy. I’ve put together one look translating Betty’s 50’s fashion into our modern day one.

The “BETTY” look:

My obvious choice was a volume floral printed dress. V-neck and sleeveless but slightly shorter than what Ms. Draper would’ve used back in the days. I’ve paired it with a nude belt not so thin, but not so wide. Cinching the garments is always a viable option, it enhances the waist by creating or sharpening  the hour-glass. For an air of chic and girly I chose an open-button crochet sweater with 3/4 sleeves. The weight of the cardigan falls perfectly on to the shoulders. I know in those times heels like these where unthinkable, but since this is 2011 and I am absolutely mad with 5 and 6 inch heels, more when put together with flirty and femenine garments, I went for these green platform pumps.

For accesories, as always the hands are one of the most important parts of your body. They speak for you. Well groomed hands speak not only of good hygiene but of personal care. For your manicure, go for a subtle shade, Essie has a great range of pink and nude. For jewelry, a stone necklace and a ring trio. Keep it simple. And for the bag I found this amazing vintage clutch, perfect for Betty on a casual day.

  • Dress with flower print, Modcloth.com, $53.99
  • Crochet sweater, Modcloth.com, $54.99
  • Green platform suede pumps, ASOS, $90.00
  • Mango buckle leather belt, ASOS, $58.00
  • Vintage clutch, Shopfriscompany.com, $86.50
  • Stone necklace, ASOS, $45.50
  • Ring trio, Forever21, $3.80
  • Nail polish in “Virgin orchid”, Essie, $8.00

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    I know those beautiful legs!!!!!! I know the style I know my baby.

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