A Needle Season

Comeback: a return to a former position or condition (as of success or prosperity). Recovery, revival.

Comebacks are a common thing in fashion. The industry never ceases to amaze by bringing back to life every season unexpected trends, always with a very particular twist, making them not only wearable, but coveted and must-have items. Years ago the return of the dreadful 80’s fashion would have been unthinkable. Who would have imagined that MC Hammer’s legacy, the now infamous Harem pants, would be hitting hard the 2009 S/S runways? But they did in a fashionable manner, from Derek Lam’s metallic versions to Chloè’s sophisticated and soft silhouttes. The shoulder pads, now a Balmain trademark thanks to the genious mind of one Christophe Decarnin, responsible also for the return of the acid-washed jeans. Cropped tops, jumpsuits, leggings and even speedos, all fashionably revived and revitalized.

The shocking thing about comebacks is not the trend itself, but how it returns, how designers reinvent the garment, and how it’s portrayed and styled. For S/S, there is a noted fashion piece coming back to haunt us, in a good way. In a season where feminine and sexy are in, they give to us: the metallic stiletto heel.

In the past it was usually seen attached to a pair of pumps, most likely patent leather or a pair of tasteless sandals (or even in tranny hooker boots). But today almost everyone, including the leading shoemaker, Monsieur Louboutin, are making the spiked heel shoe an item to lust after.

Lanvin’s wooden platforms, Louboutin’s peep-toes, Gucci’s colored caged heels, Pucci’s gladiators and Zanotti’s strappy sandals, the pin-point heel is here and it looks better than ever (with the exception of Cavalli’s patchwork denim kitten heels, an example of a comeback gone bad). Special mention to Brian Atwood’s leopard and mesh platform pumps with needle point heels.

Dangerously fabulous (can result in a puncture wound on your partner’s foot while dancing), the metallic stiletto heel is nothing more than another way to enhance those killer legs and get some serious heads turning.

Shoes: Lanvin, Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti



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2 responses to “A Needle Season


    Los zapatos son la debilidad de tooooodas las mujeres, efectivamente lo que
    dicta la moda se convierte en una opción que debemos tener.
    los stilettos son sensuales, femeninos, delicados, elegantes. Sin embargo sé que
    la opción es comprarlos con plataforma, de otra forma lo actual se convierte
    en tortura.

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