You’re not a model, I know what I mean…

What is it with girls this days? Why do lots of them label themselves as models even though they clearly aren’t? Why are there thousands of so-called agencies getting their cash flow by selling photo books to “aspiring” models? You pay for the book, we’ll call you. And they never call (it’s the ultimate scam).

Every woman goes through a phase called childhood. Rember those days? The dolls, the Cinderella dress, the glitter slippers, the tea set (nowadays, barbies that look like tranny hookers and dolls with more human functions than actual babies). Little kids dream of the impossible, they want to be astronauts, princess, live in castles. That’s the beauty of children.

But then the day comes in which we have to take off our Rapunzel dress and face the fact that we have to grow up. No, I am not bitter, no I am no dream shatterer. I am just realistic. Yes, a very chosen few get to keep their kiddie dreams (Kate Middleton will become a princess and there are people actually working at NASA). But to all the rest us, we have to leave them behind. We have to build new ones based on what we like but also on our possibilities.

You can’t be a ballerina with the wrong feet. You can’t be a singer if you don’t at least have an acceptable voice. So why on earth would someone with the wrong features (wrong for the job, not ugly) pursue a modeling career? Just to be clear, preseverance is the key to reaching goals, just keep your goals real.

You work the stands at an exhibition, you are not a model, you are a promo girl. You rock the race track, you are a Grid Girl (again, not a model). You take pictures of yourself with sunglasses in front of a mirror (the hideous bathroom tiles or the messy bedroom closet behind are a classic), that doesn’t make you a model either. You take nude pictures of yourself or your boyfirend does it for you, you are not a model, and that’s not art, just porn. You are 5’1 and wanto to do runway, it won’t happen.

Not every animal can fly, not every animal can swim, not every girl can be a model (fashion). As simple as that. An actress does not turn into a model, she becomes a spokesperson for a brand.

For those of you already hating my arguments, keep in mind we are talking fashion. The indsutry has its strict modelling standards, no less than 5’8 (Kate Moss and Laetitia Casta being among the few exceptions), young age (we are talking 15 as an ideal age to start a career), 115 lbs average, strong features and bone structure. They don’t like ordinary, they look for rare and unique beauties. There’s no room for breasts (just those seen in the amazing Lara Stone). So if you don’t have what it takes or if they don’t like what you have (fashion can be harsh, cruel), then brace yourself for rejection. (Plus-size, swimwear and lingerie are a different story).

Maybe it’s the glamorous life (it’s less glamorous than it seems), maybe people feel the word model makes them more interesting or gives them some status (like a nobility title). Maybe the term comes with a certain validation (let’s face it, we live in an world infested with male modelizers).

In the end, the only approval we need is our own. An expression won’t define who we are or what we are capable of achieving. One can be as beautiful as a model, or even more (for God sakes, some of them look like clothes hangers). It’s not a word what will take you far, it’s you attitude and your ability to shine. We just have to find out what we are good at, and do it right.


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