Spring Obsessions: Floral FEETish (part 1)

Two pairs of floral shoes (high heeled and flats) were among the many presents I recieved from my family for my birthday, which was last week (this not only proves how much they love me, but how much they know me since I am the ultimate flower lover).

Floral prints have been going on for a few seasons now. We have seen them in almost everything, dresses, skirts, shorts, sweaters, even jewelry. But this season we get to see my favorite trend paired up with my favorite closet item, shoes.

From ballerinas to platform pumps, spring is blossoming at our feet, literally.

Both shoe styles are obviously floral but very different from each other. So for the platform pumps I’ve put together a dressier look and for the lace-up flats a more laid-back one (you cand find it on part 2).

LOOK 1: Platform Pumps

For this one I chose to mix it up with another trend for the season, color clash. As seen in many S/S 2011 runways (Gucci mastered it and Jil Sander went in for the kill), this spring is about bright and vibrant colors put together in order to get an explosive effect. There are no established rules for color blocking. You don’t have to stick to similar hues or obvious combinations. You just have to have fun with it and love the results when looking in the mirror.

If I say green and red, you are automatically thinking of Christmas. Why on earth would someone want to look like an elf (other than the Macy’s Santa photo stand employees, who probably do not want but need to look like X-mas gnomes)?. But that’s the beauty of fashion, add a touch of another color and you can get rid of the Will Ferrell’s Buddy effect.

In this case, as the main piece of the ensemble (aside from the spectacular KARMENAF white fabric Steve Madden platform pumps) I chose a fitted, ruched, strapless, mesh mini dress in coral. I cinched it with a green emerald braided belt to dress it down a little. It is importante to go for a thin belt, you don’t want to make it bulky. For more color, I put on an oversized lightweight knitted cardigan in red. Spring allows us to wear this kind of knitwear, avoid heavy ones (sweaty is not sexy, well not with clothes involved anyway, haha)

For the final touches, I found this “coin purse” beaded clutch, prefect fot the outfit. Since the color burst can be a little overwhelming, fot the jewelry part we are sticking to simple flower printed earrings (prefect for the shoes) and two bangles, one in acrylic and the other one gold.

For the beauty part, a simple bun is perfect and sexy red lips (go natural on the rest of the face). Nars Jungle Red is great, also Dolce & Gabbana’s Iconic.

  • Mesh tube dress, Topshop, $78
  • Lightweight cherry cardigan, Modcloth.com, $53.99
  • Thin braided belt in green, Zara, $11.31
  • Chunky gold bangle, ASOS, $16
  • Solid emerald acrylic bangle, Forever21, $5.80
  • Sequin beaded green clutch, SANTI, $290 (from endless.com)
  • Floral stud earrings, ASOS, $9.70
  • Red Jungle lipstick, NARS, $24.00
  • Flower white fabric Karmenaf platorm pumps, Steve Madden, $129.95
For details, click on the photos to enlarge!

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