Spring Trends Know-how: Leather

Often in fashion what’s unthinkable becomes a possibility. Years ago, leather was to F/W, as bright colors were to S/S. Times have changed, and in a world that is open to almost everything, we have an infinite range of choices. That is why today, as the leather lover that I am, I bring to you two ways to soften a fabric that is often perceived as rough (or winterly) and transition it to this beautiful colorful season.

I’ve put together two looks for you, each of the pieces is in an affordable price range. You just have to choose between leggy but romantic or casual chic.


First of all let’s focus on the leather shorts. Look for a structured pair. Go short but not too short. If you choose faux, the quality must be excellent. To downplay the harshness of the fabric, I used a lace and mesh bodysuit. This garment gives the ensemble an air of femininity but also makes it flirtatious and coy. Over it, I placed a soft chiffon wrap, which falls dramatically over the shoulders. The paisley print lifts the whole thing by giving it a dash of color. The finishing touch is the lace up platform heel in camel (a must for the season, I can guarantee you’ll wear them out by the end of summer).

  • Paisley chiffon wrap, Forever21, $15.80
  • Faux leather shorts, modcloth.com, $42.99
  • Mesh and lace bodysuit, ASOS, $32.26
  • Camel lace-up heels, Chinese Laundry, $87.00


A look that is perfect for day or night (changing the top to a less casual one). The leather jacket is something that must be in every woman’s closet (this season Burberry Prorsum did it exceptionally). I chose a camel style. It is important to look for a perfect fit. When shopping for one, if it looks good open as it does zipped up, you have a winner. My own personal advice, avoid those cropped ones (you know, the ones that hang below the breasts. Ladies, there is a reason they call it outerwear, it’s meant to cover you when being alfresco). For under the jacket I went for a tiered creamy top. You can also use a ruffled tunic or a chiffon blouse. But to nail it, the top needs to be longer than the jacket (just a little). For the bottom, skinny pastel pink denim (huge trend right now, you can find them in beautiful hues, mint, baby blue, creamy orange). And for the shoes: “the wedge”. You won’t have a problem finding them, they are everywhere! I chose them to play a little with the volumes and to mix it up a bit by matching two delicate pieces (the top and the jeans), with the jacket and the platforms, which are a bit more on the rough side of aesthetics.

  • Gestuz camel leather jacket, ASOS, $372
  • Tiered buttermilk top, modcloth.com, $27.99
  • Skinny jeans, mytheresa.com, $145
  • Jeff Campbell ivory wedges, lulus.com, $128


I’ve put together also a list of things that can upgrade and change completely your outfit (both looks go with it). In this case, I’d rather go with gold accents. Your hands play a very important part when flaunting yourself in an amazing attire. So dress them up! Pack on your fingers with rings, two or three, even four at the same time (you don’t have to spend a fortune, flea markets are perfect for unique pieces). But always remember that there has to be a certain relatonship between them, so it doesn’t look odd or over the top. “Mingle” different types of bangles and bracelets.  Show off your nicely manicured hands (and feet, and you can do it yourself) with nail polish in soft and glossy hues (corals, aqua, cream). To complete it, go for a large leather tote and crazy shades.

Not in the mood for heels, lace-up flats or cutout ballerinas make perfect subsitutes!

  • Snake and turqoise ring, River Island, $20.97
  • Beaded flower and carved flowers cream ring, both Forever 21, $4.80, $6.80
  • Nail polish in “Argenteeny Pinkini”, O.P.I. $15.60
  • Brown glazed leather tote, MIU MIU
  • Mint sunglasses, ASOS, $19.36
  • Faux stone bracelets, Forever 21, $5.80 (pearls and rhinestones) ($7.80 (ivory), $5.80 (coral)
  • Leather lace up flats, ASOS, $40.33
Some prices are not exact beacuse of the currency change.

Illustrations by Ana Sofia Alanis Galindo



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    ¡Guauuuu! Nenita de mi vida, simplemente: ME ENCANTO.

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