Oh John, Where Art Thou?

Two weeks have gone by since the John Galliano episode. The designer is certainly keeping a low profile and Dior  apparently has appointed a new creative director (Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci), showing the world they are already moving on.

The way this chain of events developed, and the perfect timing (a week before Dior’s FW show) can’t help but raise a little suspicion, taking into consideration that the video in which a drunken Galliano makes the now infamous “I love Hitler” remark, was taken in October 2010. Why did it surface just now?

Because it was Fashion Week. Because Dior needed the spotlight, and they got it. The media, the people, the experts, even those who do not give a damn about fashion were expecting the result of this chain of events. Will the show go on without John? Who will Dior hire? Where will Dior go without the designer’s direction?  Conspiracy theory or publicity strategy, all of this seems a little bit staged.

The racist comments are unforgivable and Galliano’s behavior was irresponsible. But it seems that the rant was just an ingredient (that and also the big “touching” finale with the white lab coats) in Maison Dior’s recipe to draw attention.

The “genious” factor is not something that can be understood. Great minds are usually tormented by demons that can’t even be described. Nothing in this life is free, every action has its consequence and every gift has it’s burden. From Modigliani’s self-destructive ways to Alexander McQueen’s tragic demise, artists are a different breed from us all. It’s not about comprehending or justifying their eccentric ways. What they do or don’t do to deal with their demons is part of their nature. We all have our dark side, but unlike John Galliano, we don’t have a camera recording us while it comes out to play.

If you are among the people who think Galliano killed his career, you are wrong. He will rise again and he will shine so bright no one will even remeber this. The fashion world has already lost one of its masterminds, we are not letting this one slip away.


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